Lifelong-Learners: Problem Based Learning Software and Courses

Education is an admirable thing, but it is as well to remember from time to time, that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.
Oscar Wilde
A Few Maxims for the Instruction of the Over-Educated
Education is not what you have learnt: rather it is what remains, once you have forgotten all what you have learnt.
Ellen Key


The environement used to create and maintain this website is distributed open source under a license agreement with Lifelong-Learners. Starting with the course in numerical methods as an example, this enables teachers to modify the content and build their own course server in approximatively twice the time that is normally needed to create a new course.
  • Source: a single LATEX source to produce the printed-, web- and problem based learning edition of the syllabus. The same JAVA source code of the JBONE applet is automatically integrated in the syllabus and maintained in the learners accounts.
  • Teachers: answers, corrections and most of the course maintainance can be accessed through webpages anywhere from the Internet.
  • Administrator: UNIX makefiles are used to install the course, update the syllabus, maintain the user accounts and create backups.
  • System requirements: PC or workstation running Linux, Apache server, PHP parser, SQL database.
  • Pricing: USD 1980 for one university course (including 3h installation support), USD 4980 for up to 3 courses in the same department (10h support), USD 9980 for commercial firms (10h support). These prices do not include the cost of third party software (linux, tth math formula translator).
For more information, please contact André JAUN.


If you feel like learning something new and you are searching a flexible method that is compatible with your other activities, this website may offer what you are looking for. Realizing the potential of reaching students beyond traditional academic boundaries, a group of scholars decided to open their classes to lifelong learners from anywhere on the Internet. A growing number of courses are offered independently of University constraints, throughout the year and indeed at any time of the day: New technologies support highly interactive, problem based learning environments helping you to build bridges between teachers and peers. Practical problems are corrected at a distance to ensure that theoretical foundations lead to the real working knowledge that will be our measure of success.

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