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10.3 Final interactive evaluation form

Your anonymous opinion is precious. Please take a couple of minutes and rate each of the following criteria; this will help us improving the course in the future!

Your overall impression.

1. CONTENT: numerical methods, PDEs, applications

Did the course teach you new knowledge?
How comfortable are you with using what you have learnt - how do you rate your present working knowledge?
Is the difficulty of the course OK for your level?
Does the scope of the material meet your needs?
Is it broad enough to give you the overview you would like to have?
Does it focus enough on those specific topics you wanted to study?

What are the most / least interesting parts of this course? Suggestions and comments concerning the course content.

2. MATERIAL AND HUMAN SUPPORT: lectures, exercises, project

How do you rate the overal quality of the pedagogical (material + human) support?
How useful are the RealVideo recordings?
How useful are the video-conferences?
How useful / worthwhile is it to organize invited lectures?
How useful is the java-powered syllabus?
How useful are the forum discussions?
How useful is the self-tutoring with the assignments using JBONE?
How useful are the corrections provided by the teachers?
How do rate the personal support you got from the teachers in comparison with conventional courses?
How much time in total did spend solving technical difficulties (configure browser, install RealPlayer)?
How much time did spend learning electronic tools (TeX, Java, HTML)?
Have you made use of the flexible learning at anytime / from anywhere granted by the learning environement?

Do you have suggestions for improvements or comments concerning the material or the human support?

3. FORMAT: organization, accreditation, involvment

How did you find out about this course?
How was the overall course organization?
During an intensive week, how much time of the recommended 8 hours per day have you really spent working on the course?
Will you be able to make use of the academic accreditation gained in this course (3-4 points)?
How do you like the emphasis put on practical assignments and a project?

What would you say to a friend who thought about taking this course?


your anonymous evaluation or the form. Thank you very much for your collaboration!