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2.6 Exercises

* 2.01 Modeling interest rates.

* 2.02 Forecast for NASDAQ.

* 2.03 Resistance/support levels.

* 2.04 Dividend yield.

* 2.05 Vertical spread, cash-or-nothing.
* 2.06 Straddle options.
* 2.07 Butterfly spead options.
* 2.08 Delta-hedging.
* 2.09 Credit market fundamentals.
* 2.10 Interest rate swap.
* 2.11 Call on discount bond is a floorlet.

All these problems can be edited and submitted for correction by selecting WORK:assignments on the course main page. They generally open with a template that provides useful advice and guidance to derive the solution. The color coding corresponds to the expected level of difficulty:

* Easy.
The problem is a direct application of the theory in a situation of practical interest: solutions typically combine text without formulas, ASCII plots and parameters of the VMARKET applet without any programming.
* Moderate.