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6.6 Quick intermediate evaluation form

Your opinion is precious. Please fill in this anonymous evaluation form when you are about to start the next section: we are not only interested in your final judgment of the course, but also in the difficulties you may encounter under way.

What was the most valuable pedagogical tool in this section?
What was the least valuable pedagogical tool in this section?
Can you describe with a few words why and suggest an improvement?

What did you learn that you believe is particularly interesting?

How much time approximatively did you spend in this section for the following activities?

Solve technical difficulties (configure browser, install a RealPlayer)
Learn e-learning tools (TeX, Java, HTML)
Learn the course material (syllabus, applet, quiz)
Read / write in the user forum
Solve assignments, including compiler errors

Your evaluation or the form. Thank you very much for your collaboration!