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8.1 Source code & installation

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The Java Bed for ONE dimensional evolution equations JBONE provides a flexible learning environement to test and compare numerical schemes in a JAVA applet. The full package consists of JAVA sources files *.java, installation instructions in the README file and a number of UNIX specific configuration files config* and compiler rules Makefile*.

* Download.
The JBONE source code can be obtained free of charge for personal use from the course main page. After registration, the server will send a password that gives you access to the automatic download service.

* Install under UNIX.
The installation is in principle very simple using the commands autoconf / automake that generate a Makefile tailored specifically for your system:
cd ~                            # Somewhere in your directory
gunzip pde-course-*.tar.gz      # Uncompress
tar xvf pde-course-*.tar        # Unbundle
cd  applet
configure                       # Create Makefile for your system
A default Makefile is provided if the last command fails on an older platform.

* Compile under UNIX.
Different targets are built using the commands
make all                        # Everything below
make jbone                      # Compile java files
make docs                       # Generate documentation
It is possible to compile the JAVA sources by hand using commands of the type
javac                 # Compile java files
javadoc -private -version *.java # Generate documentation
These are however system dependent.

* Install & compile under Windows.
Please refer to vendor supplied information to find out how to compile and run the JBONE code starting from the source files *.java.

* Program listing.
The substance of the program listing (excluding the graphics user interface) can be consulted directly in your web browser. If you read this document on-line, the previous link illustrates how markers of the form //TAG_rights_TAG// have been inserted in the source code to target specific sections, enabling the web browser to jump directly to a section of interest(here rights, near the top of the listing). The column on the left tells you from which file the program instruction comes from.

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