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Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations:
an Overview and Applications

  An e-learning course to study online in your own time and pace. Acquire a working knowledge in numerical methods using our unique problem-based learning environement with support and corrections from a professional teaching staff.  
  André Jaun
Associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology

Head of Quants / Risk Manager at Signet Management

1. Introduction
2. Finite differences
3. Finite elements
4. Fourier methods
5. Monte-Carlo methods
6. Lagrangian schemes

At your own time and pace
Read the syllabus and listen to video recordings. Edit applet parameters and develop your intuition with experiments.
Download standalone CD-ROM software to your computer.
Problem based learning
Submit your assignments for correction, discuss related topics in a user forum, create contacts in virtual worlds.

Study a variety of problems including the advection, diffusion, Burger, Korteweg-DeVries, the Maxwell and the Schrödinger equation.
Support and certification
Learning schemes:
  • Self-learning with applets, videos and feed-back from a virtual tutor (US$48).
  • Masters course also taught for students of the Swedish Netuniversity and EPFL (US$980, certificate).
    Benefit from 10% discount for each participant you recruit for a master course or apply for sponsorship to cover your tuition fee.

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