Class FluidSolution

  extended bySolution
      extended byFluidSolution
Direct Known Subclasses:
FDSolution, FEMSolution

abstract class FluidSolution
extends Solution

FluidSolution -- Is an abstract class at the top of all the solvers that that operate directly on the fluid function.

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Field Summary
protected  boolean isForward
          True if needs to shiftLevels
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Constructor Summary
FluidSolution(RunData runData)
          Creates a FluidSolution object.
Method Summary
 void discretize(ShapeFunction function)
          Discretize the initial Shape function and initialize the moments
protected  void shiftLevels()
          Internal function for copying new -> old
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Field Detail


protected boolean isForward
True if needs to shiftLevels

Constructor Detail


public FluidSolution(RunData runData)
Creates a FluidSolution object.

runData - The run time parameters
Method Detail


public void discretize(ShapeFunction function)
Discretize the initial Shape function and initialize the moments

Specified by:
discretize in class Solution
function - The initial shape to be approximated


protected void shiftLevels()
Internal function for copying new -> old