Class MCPDrawSolution

  extended bySolution
      extended byParticleSolution
          extended byMCPSolution
              extended byMCPDrawSolution

public class MCPDrawSolution
extends MCPSolution

Solves the equation with a Monte Carlo method and draws the particles

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See Also:
Solution, MCPSolution

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class MCPSolution
currentState, distributionUpToDate, numberOfRealisations, random, stateDensity
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Constructor Summary
MCPDrawSolution(RunData runData)
          Creates a MCPSolution object.
Method Summary
 void plot(java.awt.Canvas plotArea, java.awt.Image offScrImage, boolean headers)
          Plots the solution
Methods inherited from class MCPSolution
discretize, generateDistribution, getValue, getValue, hasOption, limits, momentsDeviation, next, previous
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calculateMoments, getTime, getWinSize, incTime, limits, measure, output, rescale, setIC, setMethod, setScheme, setTime, setTopic, updateHeaders
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Constructor Detail


public MCPDrawSolution(RunData runData)
Creates a MCPSolution object. Note that discretize must be called before next is called for the first time.

runData - The run time parameters
See Also:, Solution.discretize(ShapeFunction)
Method Detail


public void plot(java.awt.Canvas plotArea,
                 java.awt.Image offScrImage,
                 boolean headers)
Plots the solution

plot in class MCPSolution
plotArea - The plot area
offScrImage - The off screen image to draw on
headers - Whether to draw headers