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Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations:
an Overview and Applications

  An e-learning course to study online in your own time and pace. Acquire a working knowledge in numerical methods using our unique problem-based learning environement with support and corrections from a professional teaching staff.  
  André Jaun
Associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology

Head of Quants / Risk Manager at Signet Management

1. Introduction
2. Finite differences
3. Finite elements
4. Fourier methods
5. Monte-Carlo methods
6. Lagrangian schemes
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Netuniversity (10 Oct-16 Dec 05)

At your own time and pace
Read the syllabus and listen to video recordings. Edit applet parameters and develop your intuition with experiments.
Download standalone CD-ROM software to your computer.
Problem based learning
Submit your assignments for correction, discuss related topics in a user forum, create contacts in virtual worlds.

Study a variety of problems including the advection, diffusion, Burger, Korteweg-DeVries, the Maxwell and the Schrödinger equation.
Support and certification
This is the web edition of the course taught at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
Registration for autumn 2005:
  • 2D5246, 4 points. Swedish students (KTH, CTH, etc) with an active Ladok account register on-line telling their complete PN.
  • 2D4232, 6 ECTS. European students (EPFL, Gdansk, etc) need both to fill-in the paper form and register on-line.
    The course is sponsored by the Swedish government and is free of charge for regular students from European universities!

  • Teachers in 2003: A.Jaun(KTH) & L.Villard(EPFL)
    Teachers in 2001: A.Jaun(KTH) & T.Johnson, T.Hurtig, (KTH) & T.Rylander, (CTH) & L.Villard(EPFL)
    Teachers in 2000: A.Jaun(KTH) & J.Hedin, T.Johnson(KTH) & M.Persson(CTH) & L.Villard(EPFL)
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